Christopher Kahn

Chris has 19 years of progressive experience in large cross-functional organizations performing GIS program development, spatial data workflow management, complex spatial analysis, terrestrial/aerial survey, interactive mapping, and GIS field mobility.

Chris Kahn has been a leader in the development, deployment, and maintenance of advanced spatial analytic projects, GIS, GNSS (GPS), GPS base station deployment, predictive failure modeling, UAV, and many sensor types (Ground Penetrating Radar, thermal, LiDAR), on various aerial platforms (satellite, airplane, drone). He earned his undergraduate degree from Rutgers University in Geography, and his MS in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) from Pennsylvania State University. When he has time to spend away from his wife (Elizabeth) and daughter (Winter), Chris is pursuing his commercial manned-pilot certification.  Chris is the proud recipient of several ESRI awards, including the "SAG" - Special Achievement in GIS.